The Zero Waste pattern masters are a set of tools that, along with a set of instructions, allow the user to create fully zero waste garments on a range of fabric sizes and shapes. These tools can be utilized to make garments exactly as prescribed or used to develop new techniques and silhouettes as desired.

These tools are currently in the stages of testing through  the use of workshops and feedback within the fashion industry. The intent is for this set of tools to be an educational vehicle for advancing zero waste technologies throughout the fashion industry.

The original Pattern Master has become ubiquitous within the fashion industry, and can be found in the tool kit of every student, pattern maker, and designer around the world. Lets adapt our tool kits to reflect the needs of the industry today.


A workshop series dedicated to the education of those interested in zero waste design and new pattern cutting techniques. This time and space allows testing of new pattern ideas and verify the accuracy of instructions.

A 4 hour session allows me the time to share my tools, lay plans, and techniques with participants. A group of 6-8 students is ideal, with room for more if they’re experienced in sewing and pattern cutting. The addition of a sewing technician of an experienced helper expands the limits of the group to 10-15 students. Feedback is crucial to the development of future workshops and tools.

“My favorite part is we only used one pattern (also love the small pattern piece) to create the whole short and the cutting part is simple and clear so I feel like the process is simplified.” - Yufei Hu

“It was all very clear, and so much simpler and more logical than I could have imagined! A really great first insight into the process for a novice, I think the shorts were the perfect garment to start with.” - Julia Santilli

“I learned the functional and sustainable reasoning behind your pattern designs.” -Ellen Fowles