DECODE is a complete zero waste design system that solves industry problems through communication, sharing, and play. 

Our founder, Danielle Elsener, has dedicated her life's work to proving zero waste as a valid and robust design model. For over a decade, she has learned from industry, educational institutions, and self-run initiatives to understand how best to do this. What began as a love for puzzle solving through zero waste pattern-making, became a way to fix the fashion industry’s biggest problem. 

Danielle started this company back when she was 8 years old, first selling painted rocks and trash cans to susceptible family members and friends. What started as “The D Company” eventually shortened and evolved to “The D.E. Co” and todays “DECODE.”

Though the name has gone through iterations over the years, the process and outcome has been refined to reflect intrinsic core ideals. The most important part of creation is not the end result, but the way one gets there


Design is, of course, first and foremost. Design, rather than art, takes precedence because design solves a precise problem. Though both art and design create meaningful conversations, design intends to solve an issue and help a specific end user.

Experimentation is the only way to know if something you are doing is worth your while. It is the only way to find mistakes and poke holes in your conceptions

Collaboration is an absolute necessity to create new, industry viable ideas that can have a meaningful output. Existing in a bubble cannot foster a future facing environment for  todays designers.

Obsess. And obsess and obsess and obsess. Keep picking at that irksome query until it is unraveled and you have become the expert in why it exist, when it happens, where it happens, and how you can learn from it.


Dissect what you are looking at to its integral pieces. What is necessary for this to exist? What are the physical vs theoretic implications of it? Why are you focusing your attention on it? Why has it grabbed your attention?


Educate to better our future. Working and learning for ones self is a thing of the past. Sharing information, processes and learnings is the only way to move our culture forward.