Why are we here?

To move the needle.

The fashion industry has been stuck for so long in antiquated practices that can no longer be sustained by our society. Consumers are becoming more aware of their choices and constant connection allows discovery and immediate answers. They are demanding that we do better. My intention is to educate and create on a larger scale than most predecessors have been able to in this realm of design. Pushing myself and others into thinking differently is the only way we’re going to get ourselves out of the massive environmental debt we’ve dug ourselves into.

Zero waste is my passion. It has opened up my world to an insanely creative realm of puzzle solving, engineering, and creativity that I never would have discovered in pursuing a normalized design path. Knowing what is most important in a garment and what you really want to say with your design is one of the key elements that allows me to mould these conceptual garments. Designing with end in mind and with the intention for my garment to be passed down from generation to generation makes me truly massage the tiniest details to perfection.

Thank you for taking the time to go on this journey with me!

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Danielle Elsener